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Extrait de parfum - 100ml

Head = Cherry Accord
Heart = Absolute Jasmine Sambac Egypte - Almond Milk - Absolute Ylang-ylang Comoros 
Background = Vanilla Accord - Sandalwood Accord - Absolute Virginie cedar - Absolute Honduran Styrax - Caramel Accord - Cashmeran Accord - Musk Accord

Perfumer: Marie Schinrer

Velvet Swan

240,00 €Price

Our first perfume extract, where every detail is an ode to elegance. Inspired by the legendary goddess of love and sensuality, Aphrodite.

Antonio Caraz wanted to convey his own vision of love and sensuality.

Velvet Swan reveals itself as a true olfactory ballet, where each note dances with harmony and with a captivating duality.
Like yin and yang, its aromas combine to create a unique sensory experience. Dark, sensual accords evoke the mystery of the night, while luminous notes capture the radiance of the sun.

Velvet Swan, a name inspired by one of Aphrodite's totem animals, embodies the very duality of modern femininity, both strong and delicate, mysterious and dazzling.

Velvet Swan is a sophisticated fragrance that invites you to explore the different aspects of your personality, revealing an unsuspected depth with each spray.

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